About us

From our expertise and many years of experience in renting out properties for private individuals and professional investors (the Rental Manager), we have grown into a full-service real estate organization. This means that we can facilitate both Sales / Purchase as well as Rental / Rental for you. So easy to arrange everything in one place.

If you need a partner who proactively informs and assists you in order to achieve or even exceed your optimal return and investment objectives, we are happy to talk to you.

INTO Real Estate works with a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) idea. We inform our customers optimally and open communication is what our customers value the most. Sometimes we also have less good news, which if it is well substantiated, is easier to understand. Of course we are more enthusiastic about good news and we are happy to help people find a new home and / and we sell your current home for the best possible price and conditions.

Talking about the best conditions, optimal results and open communication ... We introduce the possibility for our customers to Sell and / or Rent out your home through an Open Bidding System! Let the market mechanism determine for yourself what the optimum result can be for your home. Of course this only happens after your approval.

Became curious? We would like to inform you personally about the details. You can also look via www.openbieding.com

In short, INTO Real Estate, an enterprising enterprise, vibrant asset, specialist for Sales / Rental and communication in the field of Real Estate. All this in a very pleasant personal way, who doesn't want this?

We wish you a warm welcome. We are INTO Real Estate,

Modern Real Estate & Old-fashioned service!

INTO Real Estate

INTO Real Estate

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